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This training or service is to install and configure your podcast website on your website.
We touch on software and microphones to create your content as mp3 audio or mp4 video,
but the quality of your content is based on your skills as a writer, host, interviewer and lively sounding
voice. Production assets of music, themes, commercials, transitions, quality equipment affect the production quality of your show. We can help if you have questions there. But complete this course and get started, don’t wait to be perfect, better to start NOW!


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If you purchased option 2, which includes one hour help with me, email audioguysoundpages@gmail.com and tell best times to schedule you. My schedule varies, so we will book time if you email or call 770-826-3662

Before you call, please go through this checklist of items, services and logins we will need to install your podcast  Click here

Jim Edward’s has an amazing Podcast Interview Software here

One on one help with me is at http://MikeStewartCoaching.com

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