You will need all these logins, graphics, and text before you install a Podcast for used in the training or the done for options. This is a checklist before you start to install

Required assets needed before setup:

  1. Gmail login (Will be needed for Analytics, Webmaster, YouTube, Drive, Docs, Calendar)
  2. Apple login using Gmail
  3. Spotify login using Gmail
  4. login using Gmail
  5. WordPress login to your site if you have already
  6. Blubrry Hosting login using Gmail (If you want dynamic ad insertion in future, this is optional)
  7. Domains You Control domains and hosting using Gmail login (if don’t have a WordPress Install)


Domain and WordPress hosting if you do not have WordPress already in place. (We will setup at no charge) Mp3 server, analytics and dynamic ad insertion upgrade when needed – we can start with $12 per month account and upgrade to pro account for Dynamic Ad Insertion once audience is growing – This is optional to start, but may be worth getting asap. to purchase phone number and activate SMS marketing system in WordPress


Creative assets needed to setup podcast

1400 x 1400 pixel iTunes/Podcast graphic logo – large fonts readable on phones

300 x 150 featured post logo

1200 x 200 header logo is we do the hosting on new .com URL

Title of podcast

Subtitle of podcast

4000 characters description of podcast

Category will be music or options client requests

Explicit or Clean.. (if clean, no foul language)

At least 1 15-20 minute produced show in mp3 stereo 44.1 128 mbps audio

Title of show with keywords, and 200 words of show notes, associated pictures or graphics if desired


Creative assets needed to setup SMS marketing

30 second answering message – artist greeting (615-205-0774 is example to see how it works)
Content for text message link landing page of giveaway (Free song, free video, multiple videos, lyrics, Ebooks, anything digital you offer to get fans to dial the phone number at a show)

You pay these fees directly to Twilio

Pick an area code text message number to push marketing messages to audience members from signage or audio announcements $1 per month and .0075 cents per call