Congratulations on getting your podcast and WordPress blog started. Make a commitment to do fresh content twice a month from now on! I do and I know over time you can build an audience of your choice. 

Step 1. Get your receipt for your new blog URL and Deluxe Managed WordPress Hosting
When you get your domain and hosting through my account, you have 1 hour with me to install your podcast blog one on one with me. 

Step. 2. Email me at audioguysoundpages at gmail or call my cell at 770-826-3662 and we will book your free hour with me to get you setup and going. 

Step 3. Start recording your audio on your computer, phone or tablet and uploading to your site. That’s it!

Tools to consider to get!

I use to record my podcast and download the mp3. I try to make it where I need no edits
and then I am done. I can invite anyone else in the world as a guest with a simple link. So easy and cheap if you get the $20 a month service, but you can learn for free!

If you want to edit your audio download and learn to use

There are 1000’s of tutorials on how to use Audacity on YouTube. Here are so me good ones:

Consider buying a USB microphone and a webcam for your computer.
You can use your phone at first. But good to have these items


Creative assets needed to setup podcast

1400 x 1400 pixel iTunes/Podcast graphic logo – large fonts readable on phones

300 x 150 featured post logo

1200 x 200 header logo is we do the hosting on new .com URL

Title of podcast

Subtitle of podcast

4000 characters description of podcast

Category will be music or options client requests

Explicit or Clean.. (if clean, no foul language)

At least 1 15-20 minute produced show in mp3 stereo 44.1 128 mbps audio

Title of show with keywords, and 200 words of show notes, associated pictures or graphics if desired

Submit Your Podcast to iTunes & Google Watch Tutorial Below


To submit to iTunes, use the Powerpress link as shown in tutorial.
You RSS feed needs to be submitted to iTunes.

Google Play submission link

Create a login first at

Stitcher submission link