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Google Just Added Podcast Episodes and Players to 1st Page Results, Spotify Just Spent Half A Billion Dollars on Podcast Content Systems.. Amazon Alexa Voice Control Speakers Were Added To Automobiles. If You Are Still On The Fence On Starting Your PODCAST, 2020 is NOT the Year to Stay on Fence Any Longer!!! Use This Time To Start Your Podcast NOW!


Instant Access to My Training & Music Download

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Here's What is Included in Our Option #1 Instant-Access Online Training Modules
For The Do-It-Yourself Podcaster

How To:
1. Get domain and install WordPress
2. Install Migrate Plugin and use my pre-configured template
3. Plugin and Themes Review
4. Configure Podcast settings and WordPress settings
5. Use Canva and Fiverr to make Podcast logo
6. Microphones, apps, mixing software
7. Producing & posting a show
8. Google Play and Stitcher
9. Zoom Audio & Video Re-purpose
10. Media Storage Options - WP Media, Amazon S3,  Libsyn & Blubrry, & More
11. Wrap up

PLUS: 40 Podsafe Royalty Free Music Downloads for Show Production


Added Extra Production Tutorials From Tablet Podcasting:
1. Recording Podcasts with Audacity for FREE
2. Creating pre-recorded ads to with the included music
3. What are Promos & Sweepers and how to make them
4. How audiences find Podcast
5. Audience building techniques
6. Much, much more!
Here's The Extra Services Included in Option #2 "Done For You Monthly Blogging Podcast Service":

1. I personally setup your podcast on your URL & Hosting with you
2. I will interview and record you every month 2 podcast episodes around 10 minutes per show
3. Record Podcast musical intro and outro from your script
4. Access to all the video modules included in Option #1
5. Transcribe your interviews into blog text posts and will post to your website
6. Create YouTube videos from your audio

Domain & WordPress Hosting, Twilio Accounts Not Included
(Very inexpensive. but required expenses to podcast) – Yet I Will Help You Get That Setup and Working Together

Option #3 "Option #1 plus an SERP Term Professional Nashville Customized Jingle Theme Package"

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Package includes customized theme with your search terms.

1. 60 second music with jingle end
2. 30 second music with jingle end
3. 15 second jingle stand alone
4. 60 second instrumental bed for voice over copy

Samples of SERP Term Earworm Music Jingles for Varied Businesses Online Presence


Instant Access to My Training & Music Download

Interested in a complete done for you service option? CLICK HERE

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I wish success in all you do! Start a podcast today!
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